Button Head

Metric Button Head Screws

Dome-shaped head is wider and has a lower profile than a socket cap screw. APPLICATION: Used when a wider bearing surface or smoother, more finished appearance is desired. Button head cap screws do not afford the strength of socket head cap screws and are designed for light fastening applications.

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M3X8 Button Head Socket With Flange Steel 10.9 Zinc ISO7380SKU: # M11850Quantity Available: 11
M6X6 Button Head Socket Cap Screw Stainless Steel A2 ISO7380SKU: # M11606Quantity Available: 82
M5X8 Button Head Socket Cap Screw Steel 12.9 ISO7380SKU: # M11460Quantity Available: 995
M2X16 Button Head Socket Cap Screw Steel 10.9 ISO7380SKU: # M11782Quantity Available: 37
M2X6 Button Head Socket Cap Screw Steel 10.9 Zinc Plated ISO7380SKU: # M11380-ZQuantity Available: 972