Metric SEMS Screws

If you want to boost the speed and efficiency of your assembly processes, you should look into SEMS, or "pre-asSEMbled" fasteners. These handy devices combine the screw and the washer into a single component, eliminating the need to match the right items up and slip the washer into place by hand. It also simplifies your inventory by giving you one part to track and purchase instead of two. SEMs have been around since the 1930s and come in inch-measure or metric varieties. (Guess which kind we sell!) SEMs typically come with some form of lockwasher to preventslippage once the screw is firmly secured. Two popular choices include internal-tooth and external-tooth lockwashers. Internal-tooth SEMs have teeth have ring the inside diameter of the lockwasher to bite into the substrate and hold the washer in place, while external-tooth SEMs perform the same task with teeth extending from the outside diameter of the washer.

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