Metric E Rings

A semi-circular stamping made from spring steel. The two ends are set further apart than both internal and external rings. The two ends have flared "prongs" which are substantially wider than the other parts of the ring. A center prong extends from the inside perimeter of the ring, halfway between the two ends. The three prongs, when radially installed, make contact with the bottom of the groove.


Designed for vertical installation into machined grooves on shafts of varying diameter. E Rings require a deeper groove, but provide exceptional thrust loadings when compared to fasteners of the same size and weight.

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M6 E Ring Steel DIN6799SKU: # M90857Quantity Available: 1170
M19 E Ring Stainless Steel A2 DIN6799SKU: # M90448Quantity Available: 274
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M3.2 E Ring Stainless Steel A2 DIN6799SKU: # M90443Quantity Available: 1323
M24 E Ring Steel DIN6799SKU: # M90427Quantity Available: 77
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M19 E Ring Steel DIN6799SKU: # M90422Quantity Available: 431
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M11 E Ring Steel DIN6799SKU: # M90417Quantity Available: 0

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M6 E Ring Steel Zinc DIN6799SKU: # M90407Quantity Available: 841
M1.5 E Ring Steel DIN6799SKU: # M90400Quantity Available: 560
$0.08 $0.11
M1.2 E Ring Steel DIN6799SKU: # M90399Quantity Available: 5645