Lock - Hi-Collar

Metric Lock- Hi-Collar Washers

A Hi-Collar washer is thicker and has a smaller outside diameter than a regular split lock washer.


Designed for use with smaller head screws, particularly sockets. Performs comparably to a regular split lock washer as a greater thickness compensates for smaller outside diameter.

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M6 External Lock Washer Steel Yellow Zinc DIN6797ASKU: # M60611YQuantity Available: 766
$0.03 $0.05
M4.0 External Lock Washer Steel Black Zinc DIN6797SKU: # M60607BQuantity Available: 295
M2.6 External Lock Washer Steel Zinc DIN6797ASKU: # M60603Quantity Available: 46515
M2.3 External Lock Washer Steel DIN6797ASKU: # M60602Quantity Available: 2250