Flat - Small OD

Metric Flat- Small OD Washers

A thin, flat, circular stamping with a centrally located hole. Has a small outer diameter.


Designed for screws and nuts in general industrial applications.

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M4X8X.1 Shim Washer Steel DIN988SKU: # M61315Quantity Available: 12
$0.04 $0.06
M5X10X.5 Shim Washer DIN988SKU: # M60932Quantity Available: 4
$0.04 $0.06
M5.0 Small Washer Stainless Steel A2 Xylan DIN433SKU: # M60752MQuantity Available: 174
$1.27 $1.54
M16.0 Small Washers 28 OD Steel Zinc DIN433SKU: # M60342Quantity Available: 653
$0.14 $0.18
M3.5 Small Washer Steel Zinc DIN433SKU: # M60334Quantity Available: 728
$0.21 $0.25