Conical Spring

Metric Conical Spring Washers

Conical spring washers, sometimes called Belleville washers, are designed for heavy-duty bolting connections where fasteners risk coming loose due to vibration or thermal contraction/expansion. The conical spring washer is designed to support moderately high loads with relatively small deflection. The load-deflection characteristics depend on the ratio of height to thickness.


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M5.0 Conical Spring Washer Steel Mechanical Zinc DIN6796 SKU: # M60939Quantity Available: 938
$0.08 $0.10
M3.0 Conical Spring Washer Steel Yellow Zinc DIN6796SKU: # M60954YQuantity Available: 3375
$0.05 $0.07
M3.0 Conical Spring Washer Phosphate Steel Zinc DIN6796SKU: # M60954Quantity Available: 210
$0.04 $0.06
M3.0 Conical Spring Washer Steel Zinc SN212745SKU: # M60935Quantity Available: 2040
$0.04 $0.05
M3.5 Conical Spring Washer Steel DIN6796SKU: # M60526Quantity Available: 26