All Metal Locking

Metric All Metal Nuts

An all-metal, one-piece hex nut which derives its prevailing torque characteristics from controlled distortion of its top threads from their normal helical form to a more elliptical shape.


These nuts are reusable and can withstand temperatures of up to 450. Can withstand severe vibration and shock loads. Frequently used in farm machinery, plus the automotive and related metalworking industries.

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M14X2.0 All Metal Torque Lock Nut Steel CL.10 Zinc DIN980VSKU: # M50429Quantity Available: 48
$0.97 $1.17
M18X2.5 All Metal Torque Lock Nut Steel 10 Zinc DIN980VSKU: # M50413Quantity Available: 1
$9.46 $11.82
M10X1.5 All Metal Torque Lock Nut Cl.8 Steel Zinc DIN980VSKU: # M50409Quantity Available: 599
$0.32 $0.39
M8X1.25 All Metal Torque Lock Nut Steel 8 Zinc DIN980VSKU: # M50408Quantity Available: 73
$0.23 $0.27